About Harvest

Harvest Community Development Corp. is the community outreach vision of our Pastor and Harvest President, Bishop Joseph N. Williams. The purpose of Harvest is to be an active voice in the community by providing information, services and organizational connections that will assist in addressing the needs our our diverse community and its families. Harvest is a non-profit entity separate but owned by Christ Church International, which allows it to venture into the areas of concern that impact the full spectrum of life here in New York City. We currently have programs that are active in the following areas:

Social Justice: Harvest is currently partnering with Faith In New York which is a multi-denominational, multi-cultural social action network that has organized over 85 NYC based congregations to come together as one collective voice to address inadequacies in: Affordable Housing; Fair Labor Wages (Fight for $15); Superstorm Sandy Resource and Funding Allocation; Ban the Box (removing the felony declaration from job applications); Live Free (Campaign Against Mass Incarceration and Gun Violence). Harvest has been instrumental in helping to progess all of the above mentioned initiatives.

Youth Recreation / Mentoring : Harvest has created Team Victory, a youth basketball program that over the past three years has served over 100 boys and girls by providing a basketball program that does not only educate on the sport, but includes life priciples and morals based on the Ministry of Jesus Christ. Team Victory has been blessed to become one of the more sought after and respected programs in Queens.

Community Service : Annually Harvest sponsors a You Matter event that highlights a particular segment of our community. Our first You Matter event honored the Senior Saints of CCI. We are currently planning the next You Matter event which will honor Unsung Servants.

These are a few of the programs Harvest is currently involved in. If you have any questions reagarding Harvest, please feel free to reach out to Darnel Lyles ( or Ahkea Lyles (NEL10034@AOL.COM). Contact Harvest